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We create football metrics that are simple, easy to understand, and only fact based.

We're an organization that enjoys doing the legwork for you. We believe the average football fan should sit back and relax on a Sunday rather than spend countless hours making decisions based on hard to understand and often opinionated spreadsheets.

Ease of Use

Lineup Allstar grades players strictly based on numbers, providing at a glance information related to player Upside, Consistency, and even Injury risk!


Lineup Allstar thinks outside the box (or table). The best way to understand how a player is or has been performing is by going to the chart!


Analyzing the strength of each teams' passing & running offense, finding the weakest divisions, and identifying the weakest defenses are a few of the ways we like to recognize opportunities for you.

Latest Analysis

With a background in market research and data analytics we decided to take Fantasy Football by storm. Enough of the unreliable talking heads on TV.

Who we are

We decided to utilize the abundance of statistics and football history available to create simple, straightforward, and easy to understand football measures. You won't need to break out a calculator anymore on Sundays, not until you're counting your winnings that is.

What we do

We love sports just as much as you do. And we love data analytics much more, so let us do the number crunching.


Our goal is to simplify the process of researching fantasy football data. We would like to save you time while also making you some money on Sundays.

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Let's Build a Dynasty

Our measures compile data from multiple sources, we also only utilize projections and actual scoring (adjusted based on your scoring format of course) to grade players.

Simplicity in Mind

With a quick glance you will be able to assess who is more consistent, which player is outperforming their projections, and who is outperforming the average at their position. Try to do that looking at an overly complicated spreadsheet.

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Lineup Allstar has quickly become a fan favorite! Gift our season long access to that avid fantasy football player in your life.

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Whether you have 15 minutes to set your lineup or a few hours. We're providing the tools to make the process fast and friendly.

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Begin drafting and playing like a PRO. Our tools make the process of reviewing player data convenient and painless.

Iconic Visual Design

Lineup Allstar's charting technology is perfect for those on the go, who don't have hours to make a decision when it comes to picking your starters.

Featurewise Complete

Lineup Allstar has provided metrics on Value, Heat, Consistency, even adding numerical values and calculations to determine a players chance of Injury.

Next Level Thinking

Utilizing data science tools, all of our grades are computed from actual fantasy data. Leaving the opinionated where they belong, on the sidelines!

Rescue support

We love to hear from our customers, let us know how we're doing and even let us know if you have any ideas you would like to see implemented.

Players Evaluated
Measures developed
Dynamic Charts
We craft clever fantasy football tools and metrics that save you time while maximizing entertainment. 
Utilizing the top software tools available.
“A river cuts through rock, not because of its power,
but because of its persistence.”
James N. Watkins
“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”
Edmund Hillary
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