Weakest Divisions by QB 2017

In this analysis we will take a look at the process of defending against quarterbacks on a divisional basis. So this will focus on which divisions have the best/worst defenses in regards to defending against quarterbacks. This is useful as you may want to target certain positions (quarterback in this case) based on their division.

Top PPR WR’s to Target for 2018

Let’s take a look at the top wide receivers for a PPR league for 2018. If you have not already, please take a look at our analysis on the best passing offenses in the league here. You can check out the article above however that is focused on passing in general, the table below is

Top PPR RB’s to Target for 2018

As we prepare for the 2018 fantasy football season, it is important to reflect on the season that just ended. In this article we are going to take a look over the top names for the running back position in regards to receiving. I am also going to look at each team in regards to
So we have been doing a series on the drivers of fantasy production and finding out what snap level statistic has a correlation to their fantasy performance. In short, we are looking to find an indicator for a greater performance by each position and scoring format. For example, in the wide receivers group we found
Analyzing wide receivers and the snap data from the 2017 season fell right in line with our previous post which observed players from all offensive positions found here that showed those players with a higher Snap Played % led to higher point production. Please note in this analysis we are only comparing those players who
It’s that time of the year, let the trash talking commence. This year is going to be different if you have been struggling (especially since you find yourself on, let your dynasty begin/continue! Previously we noted there was a correlation between a higher percent of snaps played and the fantasy production by a player.
As you prepare for the 2018 NFL season with Fantasy Football in mind, you don’t want to be the person who drafts players that won’t even see the field. Essentially LineUpAllStar doesn’t want you drafting those players who were picked last in gym class (or on the practice field). It’s important and quite intuitive to
Looking back at the 2017 Season provided plenty of surprises – we had a first time Super Bowl champion, in addition to a team known for Passing lead the league in fantasy rushing points (NO). While New Orleans (1) may have blown the NFC Championship game in the final seconds – they took it to
This article will focus on analyzing all team’s passing offenses to determine the best teams to draft wide receivers from for both Standard & PPR scoring formats. We’ve all been there- the first few rounds of your fantasy football draft have gone by and you’re in desperate need of a wide receiver. Here’s the question-