Actual Performance vs Projection – 2017 PPR Scoring

The Player Performance Chart plots a players projected fantasy score(“Proj”) along with their actual score(“Actual”), so you can identify those players who have routinely outperformed their expectations. The average for each position (“Posavg”) is also listed on this chart so you can also see how they are performing in comparison to the average at their position.

In order to change players, change the value entered in the top of the “Nm” or name column. The default player is “Tom Brady”. Please make sure you are only capturing one player at a time via filtering in order to ensure the chart is accurate.

This chart should be used to target players who are consistently outpacing their projection along with the average at their position (see “Carson Wentz” or “Todd Gurley”), to see examples of those players who did not live up to their expectations see “Matt Ryan” or “Joe Flacco”.

The Standard Scoring chart can be found here.

If you are viewing this from a mobile device you can see expand details by clicking the plus sign (+) to see which team the player was playing on any given week (“Opp” abbreviated for Opponent).

2017 Lineup Allstar - PPR - Actual vs Projection

Nm Tm Pos Week Opp Proj Actual PosAvg
wdt_ID Nm Tm Pos Week Opp Proj Actual PosAvg
1 Jerick McKinnon MIN RB 1 NO 12.36 6.70 14.16
2 Tom Brady NE QB 1 KC 19.36 10.68 16.63
3 Danny Amendola NE WR 1 KC 9.59 16.00 13.85
4 Mohamed Sanu ATL WR 1 CHI 9.56 10.70 13.85
5 Jordan Matthews BUF WR 1 NYJ 11.17 8.10 13.85
6 Tyler Ervin HOU RB 1 JAX 14.16 6.60 14.16
7 Ted Ginn NO WR 1 MIN 12.32 9.80 13.85
8 Seth DeValve CLE TE 1 PIT 12.39 8.20 12.39
9 Cooper Kupp LAR WR 1 IND 11.05 17.60 13.85
10 Kirk Cousins WAS QB 1 PHI 16.01 10.60 16.63