Defenses vs TE 2017 Standard

The Defense vs TE chart displays the amount of points a defense has given up to opposing tight ends. This chart is useful for researching opposing defenses in order to identify the weakest ones in the league.

In this chart a strong defense would give up less points than the average (see “MIN” or “TB”) and a weaker team gives up more points to opposing quarterbacks (see “NYG” or “MIA”).

In order to change teams, please go to the table below the chart and change the value at the top of the Tm (TEAM) column. The default value is “PHI” which displays the performance of the Philadelphia Eagles vs opposing teams during the 2017 season. The average is also displayed so you have a baseline.

If you are viewing this from a mobile device you can see expand details by clicking the plus sign (+) to see which team the defense was playing on a given week.

You can view the Point Per Reception Scoring format of this chart here.

2017 Defense vs TE Standard

Nm Tm Wk Opp PtsAllowedvsTE TEavg
wdt_ID Nm Tm Wk Opp PtsAllowedvsTE TEavg
1 Denver Broncos DEN 1 LAC 3.70 11.80
2 New York Jets NYJ 1 BUF 18.50 11.80
3 Chicago Bears CHI 1 ATL 23.80 11.80
4 Dallas Cowboys DAL 1 NYG 10.30 11.80
5 Atlanta Falcons ATL 1 CHI 13.00 11.80
6 Houston Texans HOU 1 JAX 2.80 11.80
7 Jacksonville Jaguars JAX 1 HOU 12.00 11.80
8 New England Patriots NE 1 KC 18.90 11.80
9 Philadelphia Eagles PHI 1 WAS 8.60 11.80
10 Cincinnati Bengals CIN 1 BAL 3.90 11.80